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Need to hire a skip?

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Need to hire a skip?

Get your skip FAST on our new booking page.


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Rubbish removal made easy for Wolverhampton’s companies and individuals

It was never this easy to order waste collection services. By working with Blitz Recycling, you don’t need to stress about not knowing exactly how much it will cost you to remove your waste from your premises. Here, we make sure that you get the quote for your rubbish removal requirements in just a few clicks.

It’s worth noting that we operate with all sorts of rubbish removal for domestic and commercial purposes, such as:

  • Solid waste (garbage, household and garden clutter)
  • Hazardous waste (removal of mercury or different types of chemicals that require precaution and special equipment)
  • Construction debris from large construction sites
  • Light waste
  • Office and other corporate waste removal

We implemented this rubbish removal tool to ensure that you are fully in charge of your project and so that nothing can take you by surprise. We have incorporated smart functionalities that allow you to get a fair estimate and price for your rubbish removal requests, and there are plenty of great advantages you’ll come across when applying for a rubbish removal quote. For instance, we use the latest advances in landfill technology to protect our local ecosystem while providing you with a quick and efficient service.

With Blitz Recycling, you are guaranteed to receive a fast response (same or next day feedback). For a more accurate quote, we recommend you to fill in the form with correct details based on your needs so that our team can evaluate them and offer you the best solution. Additionally, if you encounter any technical issues at all, or you’re not sure about the information you should fill in, contact our team.


Discover our innovative local skip hire tool! Call 01902 870 370 if you need any help.